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Join us as we dive into the minds and practices of the artists behind the episodes. At each talk our lovely moderator, Klaudija Ylaite, will be our guide, unveiling the fab that fuels their artistic expression, vision, methods and themes within their practice.… The audience is invited to be an active participant in the conversation.



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doors:19:30, talk: 20:00 – 21:30

location: Nieuwe Sint Jansstraat 35, Groningen

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Friday September 20, 19:30

artist talk with Kitty Maria

Kitty Maria’s work consists of video performances and installations, as an ongoing investigation of the automated production site and the new labourer. In the work, she often forges friendships with companies or shops to make an intervention in places of labour or to subject herself to the production process.


Her work has been shown at a.o. Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), International Design Biennial (St. Etienne, FR), Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe (Hamburg, DE), De Appel (Amsterdam, NL), TAC (Eindhoven, NL), Het Resort (Groningen, NL), Macao (Milan, IT), Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam, NL), Am Ende Des Tages (Düsseldorf, DE) and Combo (Venice, IT).


Upcoming dates:

Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 13

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JUNE 28 '24 – Nina Wijnmaalen on exploring metaphors, emotions and endurance within performance

When does the image begin to move, or how to make moving images in space? How can we integrate performance art and theatre, overcoming their traditional boundaries? How can we universalise emotions that come from personal and intimate experiences?

Universal Emotions

July 8 '24 – a recap of the artist talk by Sonia Polidori

(...) At the sixth studium resort, we had a conversation with Nina Wijnmaalen, an artist and performance director that works with universal emotions. Initially working with photography and film, Nina’s practice moved >>> to the theatrical. when creating a stage for her photographs, the artist realized how the process for the photograph was more intriguing and had a higher emotional impact than the final static product, which for her lacked “blood, sweat, and tears.” (...) read more



MAY 8 '24 – Müge Yilmaz on feminist science fiction to envision potential futures – in collaboration with University of Groningen / Art History

How can one sense the temporalities of soil-time? When do we blur the boundaries between science, fiction, art, and nature? How do we rekindle a sense of sacredness to land?

cultivating feminist fictions for protection

May 19 '24 – a recap of the artist talk by Andrea Romero

(...) Müge believes that reading feminist science-fiction is not only about reading.

It requires the active engagement of the readers’ inner imagination. Unlike movies, ― that provide already-made images― it allows the readers to visualize and imagine the story in their minds. This approach informs her methodology for her artistic research, which involves (...) read more



26 APR '24 – Théo Demans on creating physical space of togetherness for immaterial practices

How can we (re)learn a language of ecology? How do we facilitate care? Going beyond safe-spaces, what other forms of togetherness can we provide?

radical honesty

May 9 '24 – a recap of the artist talk by Violeta Gamino Romero

at the fourth studium resort, we conversed with Théo Demans, an artist of sinuosity who creates narratives blurring boundaries between the tangible and the ephemeral. with this conversation they practised RADICAL HONESTY the willingness to confront existential questions that lurk beneath the surface of creative expression (...)  read more.



15 DEC '23 – Feiko Beckers on on putting failure and discomfort on a pedestal

orchestrated failure

Jan 4 '24 – a recap of the artist talk by Violeta Gamino Romero

(...) “I am capable of doing nothing while everyone else is doing something,” he thought, only to recant when he realises that he is incapable of such inertia when surrounded by industrious individuals. this dichotomy leads his public to reflect on both labour andethical considerations. (...) read more.



17 NOV – eva susova on somatic and sound practice

sonic embodiment

Nov 22 '23 – a recap of the artist talk by Violeta Gamino Romero

(...) With a variety of materials - ceramics, metal, organic things, sound, and her own corporeal presence - she creates and tries to project embodied knowledge: histories, traumas, the intricate relationship we have with our bodies. guided by questions that birth movement, she draws inspiration from bodies (minds) like Deborah Hay. (...) read more.



8 NOV – Hilde Onis on object and material hierarchies within artworks

material alchemy

Nov 14 '23 – a recap of the artist talk by Violeta Gamino Romero

"on the evening of the 8th of November, the voids and fillings of Hilde Onis occupied the spaces of het resort, both mentally and physically through a conversation with Klaudija Ylaite, our guide through the exchange of ideas in this new series studium resort.

Hilde Onis shapes spaces, sometimes filling gaps and other times embracing them with her works. primarily focused on ceramics, as she feels a special ability to create it, she turns her liquid ideas into stone, oscillating between the in-between spaces." (...) read more.

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