s06e01: Green

Fields | Subsurface

Alec Mateo, Artun Alaska Arasli, NOA-Marthe


show: SEPtember 10 – OCTober 7 2023


set at: kultuureiland – damsterweg, steendam

photo's: Jedidja Smalbil



De expositie 'Green Fields | Subsurface' is een mix van installaties met geluid, tekstuele sculpturen en performance die plaatsvindt op het Kultuureiland in Steendam. Gelegen tegenover gaswinningslocatie Siddeburen en boven op het Groninger gasveld, toont de tentoonstelling een dialoog met de ongrijpbare aard van gas als grondstof, en met de aardbevingen veroorzaakt door de decennialange winning van gas.


Gedurende een residentie van een maand onderzochten Alec Mateo, Artun Alaska Arasli en Noa-Marthe Prins regionale uitputting van het gebied door de gaswinning met de nadruk  de taalkundige nuances, veranderende dynamieken van zelfbeschikking en risicoverdeling. Gepositioneerd tussen het moeizame proces van het structureel sluiten van alle Groningse gaswinning locaties en de snel opkomende "groene" energie-industrieën, proberen hun werken de narratieven en klimaateffecten van deze transitie op micro- en macroschaal te laten wankelen.

De expositie biedt een site-specific wandelroute langs de werken van de kunstenaars en de gesloten gaswinningslocatie, die enerzijds de abstracte exploitatie van gas (meer) tastbaar maakt en anderzijds uitnodigt om nieuwe relaties op te bouwen met het groene land en de ondergrond.


NRC, 12 september: 'Aardbevingscijfers omgevormd tot muziek nabij een Gronings gasveld'

Mister Motley, 22 september: 'Op de Groningse gasbel.'









Praktische informatie


10 september – 7 oktober 2023

‘s weekends 12:00 – 17:00



Het Kultuureiland: Damsterweg, Steendam

Performance GAS/LIGHT: Geerlandweg 5, Siddeburen


Openbaar vervoer

Plan je reis via Arriva (niet via 9292ov)

Optie: neem je fiets mee en pak de trein naar Appingedam (30 min) en fiets naar Kultuureiland (25 min)



Vanaf Groningen is het 30 minuten rijden.

Parkeren is mogelijk op de volgende plaatsen

Op de P van het strandbad Schildmeer (ca 30 plaatsen), van daaruit de Roegeweg oversteken en het pad volgen (ca 10 minuten lopen).

P1 Publieke P kruising Geerlandweg/Damsterweg (ca 6/8 plaatsen)

P2 Op de kleine P nabij de T tuin (ca 3/4 plaatsen)

P3 Parkeren fietsen/scooters e.d. kruising Geerlandweg/Damsterweg achter de eerste hekken.

P4 Tijdelijke parkeervelden bij kleine evenementen (alleen dan beschikbaar, aangegeven met Parkeerborden)

The exhibition ‘Green Fields | Subsurface’ is a mix of installations with sound, textual sculptures and performance that takes place at Kultuureiland in Steendam. Located opposite the Siddeburen gas mine and on top of the Groningen gas field, ‘Green Fields | Subsurface’ presents a dialogue with the intangible nature of natural gas as a resource and the gasquakes caused by decades of its extraction.


Throughout a residency period of one month, Alec Mateo, Artun Alaska Arasli, and Noa-Marthe Prins explored regional exhaustion in the wake of gas exploitation, with a particular focus on linguistic nuances, agency-dynamics and risk-ownership. Situated between the laborious process of structurally closing all Groningen gasmines and rapidly emerging “green” energy industries, their works attempt to tremble the narratives and climate-affects of this transition on both micro- and macro scales.

The exhibition offers a site-specific walking route alongside the artists’ works and the decommissioned gasmine, making (more) tangible the abstract exploitation of gas on the one hand and inviting you to build new relations to the green land and its subsurface on the other.


NRC, 12 september: 'Aardbevingscijfers omgevormd tot muziek nabij een Gronings gasveld'

Mister Motley, 22 september: 'Op de Groningse gasbel.'


Opening hours

September 10 - October 7

Weekends 12:00 - 17:00



Kultuureiland: Damsterweg, Steendam

Performance GAS/LIGHT: Geerlandweg 5, Siddeburen


Public transportation

Plan your trip via Arriva (not 9292ov)

Option: take the train with your bike to Appingedam (30 min) and bike to Kultuureiland (25 min)



From Groningen it is a 30 minute drive.

Parking is possible at the following places:

At the P of the beach pool Schildmeer (ca 30 places), from there cross the Roegeweg and follow the path (ca 10 minutes walk).

P1 Public P crossing Geerlandweg/Damsterweg (ca 6/8 places)

P2 On the small P near the T garden (approx 3/4 spaces)

P3 Parking bikes/scooters etc. intersection Geerlandweg/Damsterweg behind the first gates.

P4 Temporary parking spaces at small events (available only then, indicated by Parking signs)



Alec Mateo is a Dominican artist from New York working with language, sound, and performance to explore the potentials of fugitivity; an attempt to negotiate the relationships between narrative and subject.


Noa-Marthe Prins is an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. Drawing from tactics of resistance theater and comedy, she explores the relations between exploitative productivity and the performativity of work. Recent shows and performances include Window of Opportunity, Out of Office at Impakt Festival Utrecht and Curriculum Veto at Het Nationale Theater, The Hague.

Prins is a research fellow at the Deep Future lectorate of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and in 2020 she co-founded Art Goss, a platform for high-effort art gossip.


Artun Alaska Arasli is an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011, and followed his studies in Frankfurt am Main at th Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunste in 2014. In 2019 he was a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academie, and in 2020 he was a resident at Rupert in Vilnius and at Deltaworkers in New Orleans. Presentations of his work include Prose, Kantine, Brussels, Cardena: Warming Up, Rozenstraat, Amsterdam; Porcupine, Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht; The Beauty Commission, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. His texts have been published in Le Chauffage, nY and Montez Press Interjection Calendar. Since 2017 he has co-authored multiple plays, i.a. Rijgen, NTGent (2020), Het Stille Nacht, Silbersee (2021), and the What’s in a Fairytale trilogy (2017-2019), Toneelgroep Oostpool.


Het resort asks other artists to join in on the episode.

For this episode  Amaya Samper (Perro Feo) will create the video about the working period and the artists, Phantom Wizard will compose the soundtrack and Staci Bu Shea  will write the text for the publication.


Perro Feo.

Multidisciplinary visual artist with a focus on illustration and film.

My artistic research engages with political themes, such as privilege, colonialism, and social attitudes. Using mediums including film, camera documentation, illustration, and installation.

As a method, I reflect the absurdity of real life in situations of political turmoil, with a layer of hyperrealist-surrealism. Always, from the eyes of a kid.


“Abandonar el normal instrumento

Cortar la conexión primordial

Raros sabores, raros aromas

Extraña luz de día

Con cariño,



Phantom Wizard is an artist, composer and producer born and raised in Amsterdam. He creates experimental sounds exploring his personal experiences with the physical, spiritual and abstract aspects of life.


Improvisation is an essential part of his practice serving as a portal into his subconscious mind. This highly personal approach to creating allows him to uncover layer after layer of his multifaceted existence.


Staci Bu Shea (b. Miami, 1988) is a curator, writer, and holistic death care worker based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Broadly, Bu Shea focuses on aesthetic and poetic practices of social reproduction and care work, as well as its manifestations in interpersonal relationships and daily life, community organizing and institutional practice. Their debut publication ‘Dying Livingly’ is released with Sternberg Press in 2024. They currently teach at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Bu Shea was curator at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (Utrecht, 2017-2022). With Carmel Curtis, they co-curated ‘Barbara Hammer: Evidentiary Bodies’ at Leslie Lohman Museum of Art (New York City, 2017). Bu Shea holds an MA from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College (2016).




During the working period, the artists stay in Slochteren (where the gas field was found in the late 1950s).

This project is made possible by Mondriaan Fund, Kultuureiland, Peergroup, Frank Fokkens & Stal van 't Geerland




Jorien Ketelaar - project leader, production       productie @ hetresort.nl

Chiara Tamarro - production

Lotte Wiersema - communication             communicatie @ hetresort.nl

Ellen de Haan - coördinator, design (co-director)

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Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen