little nostrum



alicja nowicz, kitty maria, tom kemp

 WORK PERIOD 08.01 – 07.02

SHOW 08.02 – 29.02 2020

location: former gay sauna

Anna-Rosja Haveman + Vanessa van 't Hoogt: "As directors you give the artists a lot of freedom. For instance, the titles are always chosen by the artists themselves. How do you interpret the exhibition title “Little Nostrum” chosen by the residents?"


Karina Bakx + Ellen de Haan: "Nostrum has two meanings, it can represent both an unqualified or fake doctor and a political scheme. The sensitive topic of (gay) intimacy and the connections that the artists made during their residency have both of these qualities in them. On the one hand they each investigate their own fields of interest without making blunt statements or claiming truths, on the other hand being an artist means that you are always making statements and claiming your own truths. You could say that every artist is a faux medicine man in one way or another, bringing the people salvation for their self-proclaimed problems with their fake truths. The political scheme part lies in approaching gay communities as a ‘hot topic’ (which has become somewhat of a trophy in the cultural field, as a way to show off your inclusiveness) but in a friendly, artistic and intellectual way. (...)" Read more

11:05 min | soundtrack by zachte man / video + edit: Ellen de haan

podcast artist talk finissage 29/02/2020 by zomaar radio / pre-production vanessa van 't hoogt / moderator: alban karsten (due to illness of vanessa)

text by vanessa van 't hoogt & anna-rosja haveman |

size: a5 / pages: 44 (fridge magnet included) | print: digital / free download | order by mail

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