het resort

now: gasstation Turfsingel 16

9712 KP Groningen — NL

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SPREAD zinefest


sign: 13–21 oktober / resort: 20–21 oktober

gasstation, turfsingel 16 – groningen NL

A festival focusing on self published art and prints, including a library, a zinemarket, workshops, boatrides, petanque, food and music!


spread zinefest at het resort:


– installation "increment"

Het resort asked Philippe Wolthuis en Maaike Knibbe to create settings to present the zines and prints in a different way then a market and offer a different kind of terrace. Outside is inspired by construction sites and inside by sushi bars.


– zinemarkt

with artists, illustrators, designers, a museum, art initiatives, publishers, as participators: Astrid Florentinus, Anna Fleuri Wolters, Alice Mulder, Anne Staal, Bert Scholten, Club Chapelure, De salon, Deborah Westra, Erik Schulte, Extrapool, Floor van Meeuwen, Gisanne Hendriks, Gijs Deddens, GRID/Rarariso, Hocus Bogus, James Nash, Juliet van Rosendaal, Vaneen, Joelle de Ruiter, Jop Luberti, Knetterijs, Katja Grosskinsky, Kornelis Fragakis, Lotte de Vries, Lara Reumer, Marjan Buning, Mara Piccione, Mariska Boekhorst, Manuel Rodriguez, Matieu Keuter, Merel Wendt, Mylan Hoezen, Nicole Mazzeo, Nona Metiarij, Onomatopee, Palefroi, Reinout Dijkstra, Rebecca Padgham, Sanne Boekel, Volkssnakkel, Woof! magazine and more.


– petanque zine presentation & tournament: club chapelure

Jeu de Boulesclub Chapelure from Groningen. Club for the promotion of nostalgic camping feeling. They presented their first zine.


– music by mark lada's golden arches

Mark Lada's Golden Arches is the solo project of Mark Lada, frontman of the Groningen garage rock band traumahelicopter. For MLGA he collaborates with befriended musicians including Afterpartees, Mozes and the Firstborn and PAUW who assist him live and in the studio. During Spread Zinefest the band will play some songs live in Groningen for the very first time - a preview and a first!


– menu

amstel, chinese herb beverage, rice salad.


see the full program:

SPREAD is a collaboration between: SIGN, FLOOR VAN MEEUWEN and us.

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The Resort is connected with the Noordenaars