sauna summer take-over:

save crash


take-over curators: Nadine Borst & Megan Bruinen

01 – 28 AUGUST 2020

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In case of fire, break the glass but watch out for cuts - how does one deal with chaos and get home safely through a storm?

The Summer Sauna take-over takes place at a time when, as a result of a global pandemic, our society is forced into a constant state of change. Our former bearings are lost and new ones are yet to be defined and moulded into a new concrete form. The current location of Het Resort, former gay sauna ‘t Pakhuisje, also currently finds itself in between destinations. Waiting for its next purpose, the sauna remains an undefined space.

During this summer, the context of the undetermined sauna space and the current ambiguous state of our society will be the focus of an interdisciplinary program where we will work together with fellow artists, musicians and academics. The sauna will function as a monument of transition in which we will address its current uncertain state, its redefinition and the chaos we collectively experience.

This August, the sauna take-over can be followed online and visited on the 27th and 28th to see the exhibition’s final state at the sauna, schuitemakersstraat 17, Groningen.




This summer het resort will be taken over by Megan Bruinen and Nadine Borst. They have been selected from the open call and will take over the sauna, the social media and the website.




Who: art initiatives, art collectives, artists, curators or observers

Deadline: 25/06/2020  (The winning plan will be announced no later than 01/07/2020)

Take–over period: 15/07/2020 – 30/08/2020

Want to organize? Want to curate? This summer we’ll give away our building along with €1000 to the best, most exciting summer take-over. Submit your plan for a 7 week take-over of any form or discipline. Only one will be selected.

This project is made possible by Mondrian Fund with funding coming from corona-fundings by the dutch government.

We want to directly forward this money to you artists out there with these OPEN CALLS for two extra projects that het resort is initiating this summer! Don’t be shy to sign up for our open calls Infiltrating Public Space & The Summer Sauna Take Over.


HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen, Academie Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen, NNT + Club Guy & Roni