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S01E03: jumping the shark

opening: 23 november –– 24/7 to see in between events.


gasstation, turfsingel 16 – groningen NL



finissage: 19 januari


17:30 PERFORMANCE (when I do what I like to do most – feiko beckers)

18:00 COMMON SWEAT SAUNA (continuous)

19:00 TALKSHOW / ARTIST TALK (45 min tv recording) (doors closed

20:00 CAFE

22:00 END


Last time to: check out the show of Alban, Feiko and Steven, behold some extra new and old works, get some more information about their art during the artist talk and book presentation and get together.


ALBAN's performances and sculptures often react on a site-specific problem. Something is not working, not allowed or does a certain promise, which emerges into a form, strategy and action. He calls this Trojan Horseness – ambiguous gifts; interventions presented as solutions. For S01E03 he's stimulated by the function of the building (petroleum & gas) and the aesthetics of danger, translated into public space as street furniture, roadblocks and functional spatial design.


FEIKO's work is always an explosion of colors, shapes and... disappointments. The daily reality with her conventions and the assumptions that accompany it are the inexhaustible fuel source for his performances and installations. For S01E03 he will use the specific architecture of the BIM station as a prop in a new video installation, in which failure has the protagonist.


STEVEN works from social and public situations. Collecting and transforming available local materials is the starting point of his work process. For example, old cars transformed into a pop venue, an enormous cactus built into a carnival float and a public sauna made of scrap wood on a city street. The situations that arise from the materials often lead to performances and interactions with local audiences, with the aim of questioning the status quo. For S01E03 Steven will respond to the existing architecture and the transformation of the BIM station.


sculpture + performance

Alban Karsten

'The Unspectacular Things'

HD video

Feiko Beckers

'Protestant Voodoo'


Steven Jouwersma


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The Resort is connected with the Noordenaars