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4 november 2022 20:00 - 21:00

 @ berger & de vries bookshop

Pelsterstraat 27-29, Groningen

From now on you can purchase all the publications at Berger & De Vries bookshop in Groningen. If you don't live in Groningen, you can mail-order or send us a dm - and we'll make sure you get yours ASAP!



Berger & De Vries - Pelsterstraat 27-29, Groningen



Previously published publications, €5

S05E01: Planetary Party, €12

Why We Love Leisure, €10

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Why we love leisure, Maaike Knibbe (2022) €10

Het resort sent out an open call for leisure projects. Five artists and one philosophers collective were selected who have created a game, sport or playful activity that could be executed either solo or in teams. Outfits were designed, props created and instructions printed. Ready, set, go! Let the games begin, the future of leisure is around the bend and we are eager to see where it will take us. But first we take a deep dive into leisure, its origin and the social constructs defining it. For this we invited Maaike Knibbe who is a former resort artist and current sociology student. She interviewed the participating artists of the Leisure Love project and wrote an intriguing piece on the topic. It offers a context on leisure and preserves the artistic outcomes of the exhibition that temporarily traveled through the city of Groningen.

Leisure Love was a corona project in September 2021


ISBN: 9789083138619 / English / 58 pages / 13x21 cm / Edition of 50 / Risoprinted at Letterpress Workshop Academy Minerva, Groningen / Embossing by Drukkerij Douma, Dokkum / Hand-bound / Self-published by het resort



Planetary Party, Richtje Reinsma (2022) €12

A story by Richtje Reinsma about her adventures during the summer solstice, the finissage of S05E01.

About S05E01: As a tribe of traveling colors, Joseph Marzolla, Splitter Splatter and Janneke Raaphorst set up KAMP GRUONINGA in the spring of 2022. With small tents for intimate encounters and a larger tent for workshops and being together.

The midsummer celebration on June 21 was the finissage of S05E01. A colorful costumed parade cycled to Lake Paterswoldsemeer to depart to an island and to celebrate a new cycle after a time of lockdowns and restrictions.

S05E01 was a residency and exhibition filled with workshops in April till June 2022.


ISBN: 9789083138626

Language: Dutch & English

Edition: 60

Risoprinted at Letterpress Workshop Academy Minerva, Groningen



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