herfst 2018

sophia löwe

riane pater

klaske bootsma



Inbetween seasons Het Resort brings you midseason.

A young talent programm that focusses on newly grads. During 4 weeks the participants follow our programm of fieldtrips, motivational talks and workassignments while being guided towards a group show.

Het Resort selected Klaske Bootsma, Sophia Löwe and Riane Pater to participate in her first post-academic programm.


  • week 01 / 3 - 9 SEPT / fieldtrip w/ S01E03
    Alban Karsten, Feiko Beckers and Steven Jouwersma took the midseasoners to the Almende Triënnale at Beetsterzwaag.

  • week 02 / 10 - 16 sept / writingclass w/textcurators
    Vanessa van 't Hoogt and Anna-Rosja Haverman created a small course around 3 types of text: artist statement, artist bio and object text.

  • week 03 / 17 - 23 sept / portfolio time w/ Ellen de Haan
    In a small course the midseasoners learn how to match their online presence with their ambitions as and artist.

  • week 04 / 24 - 30 SEPT /  curating w/ Esther de Graaf
    The last week focusses on the double role of artist ad curator, how to curate a group show while also exhibiting your own art.




19:00 friet & sla @ Fridaynite, bloemstraat 38

19:30 artist talk @ Fridaynite, bloemstraat 38

20:00 opening midseason show @ Het Resort, turfsingel 16, gasstation


6 OKT –12:00 / 18:00

show open for public


7 OKT – 12:00 / 18:00

show open for public



fieldtrip#4 – curating


fieldtrip#3 – online space

““now I know I've got to change my website to represent what I want in art life”


fieldtrip#2 – with textwriters

“i finally can write about my art”

“5 people; 3 artist, 2 coaches, so lots of attention and cookies.”


fieldtrip#1 – with s01e03 artists

“Nice trip and saw a performance at Almende – De Tweede Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag, inspiring!”

c  |||| nieuwsbrief |||

NU bij: gasstation, turfsingel 16, groningen

x  |||| nieuwsbrief |||

NU bij: gasstation, turfsingel 16, groningen