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09 oct 2021 - march 2022

When the streets and the internet are filled with MID SEASON sale, we start with our midseason program. A program focused on newly-grads, prepping them for their professional practises. During a 10 week program the midseasoners join meetings with former resort artists and members of SYB circles (Kunsthuis SYB) and go on field trips. In 2022 they will have their group exhibition.


For this fourth edition of Midseason we selected 6 artists:

Hannah van der Schaaf

Jesse van Epenhuijsen

Laila Saber

Perro Feo

Robert Ronquillo

S.R. Niekoop


It is the first time that non-groningen artists could apply. We wanted to create a group of people that - apart from the program - can learn from each other due to other schooling, disciplines and art scenes. 50% non-Groningen artists, 50% Groningen artists.




#1 / INTRODUCTION / Sat 9 October

As an light-hearted fun team building experience Tom K Kemp’s was invited with his tabletop roleplaying game‘After the Meastro’.

After the Maestro is a tabletop roleplaying game by Tom K Kemp set within an ‘anthropomorphised anatomy’ – a depiction of the inner human body as a vast industrialised city, sustained by microscopic workers analogous to cells and microbes. The game's narrative takes place during the aftermath of a successful emancipation within the inner body, where the ‘Maestro’, or organising, vital force of the body, has been deposed. In this sudden absence of biological hierarchy,  players will take on the role of different anatomical systems within the body, and must negotiate, collude and problem solve their way through a series of existential crises.

Through collaborative storytelling and ludic mechanics, each session of the game generates a new narrative of anatomical and social re-organisation, complicating and estranging common body-politic metaphors into an unpredictable tale of emancipatory body-horror.


#2 / ZERO MEASUREMENT / Sun 10 October

The artists presented themselves to the writers of SYB Circles: Anna-Rosja Haveman and Vanessa van ‘t Hoogt and SYB director Josine Sibum Siderius. Afterwards their work was discussed.

Art historian Anna-Rosja Haveman (1993) works as a writer, presenter and curator. Her current research focuses on landscape as a critical material of art in light of ecological crises.

Vanessa van 't Hoogt is an art historian, working as a researcher, teacher, presenter, curator and writer. Her current research includes teaching collections of art academies (e.g. Rijksakademie Amsterdam) and the relationship between art and medicine, mainly in medicine education in the past and present.

Josine Sibum Siderius is director of Kunsthuis SYB. Kunsthuis SYB is a residency: an open, hospitable home and workplace in Beetsterzwaag, in the province of Fryslân, for contemporary artists and curators.


#3 / ARTIST STATEMENT / Thu 14 October

A workshop in which the artists work on their artist statement under the guidance of Anna-Rosja Haveman.


#4 / ARTIST AMBITION / Thu 28 October

During the meeting the midseasoners will discuss with Eva Susova their ambitions as artists and what possible steps to take.

eva susova is currently a resident of Rijksakademie and co-founder of Jacuzzi Collective. She obtained her MA in Fine Arts at Sandberg Institute, her BA in Choreography at the SNDO at Amsterdam University of Arts. She works as an artist, a choreographer, a performer, and an educator. Her work investigates the politics of the body, movement, voice- the corporeality, through the production of experiences.


#5–#7 T.B.A.





This year's midseason program is open for applications!

Sign up for our 10 week program and learn to become more confident, aware and visible as a professional artist. During this program you will meet some of Het resort's previous residents, get introduced to the fine art of networking, work on your writing and presentation skills with the members of the SYB Circles program, go on trips and studio visits and meet fellow artists!

The midseason program runs from october 9th till december 18th 2021 and in february/march 2022 you will participate in a group exhibition on a surprise location organized by Het resort.


We will select 6 artists for this program that match the following criteria:

  • you graduated from a dutch art school (BFA) in 2019, 2020 or 2021.
  • you want to grow into a professional art practice and are able to invest time in this program.
  • you want to expand your network and invest in new relations.
  • you want to learn more about the choices that artists need to make and criteria they need to match.
  • you are open to criticism and want to know how fellow artists, curators and art critics perceive you and your work.
  • you live in the netherlands or are able to travel to the netherlands to participe on trips and join group meetings
  • you are registered as a business and can sent an invoice for your fee

HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen