midseason '20

jochem van den wijgaard, klaudija ylaite, vanina tsvetkova, anna-fleuri wolters

program 23/09–05/11 2020

exhibition 6/11–15/11 2020

tscumipaviljoen + public space

text only in written language


This year the midseason program will take place at the Tschumi pavilion. The exhibition implements aspects of traditional parade in the form of presentation. Just like for example parades, cars drive through the public space and can afterwards be visited and viewed from a closer distance. The recently graduated artists Jochem van den Wijngaard (FMI, painting), Klaudija Ylaite (Academie Minerva, fine arts) and Vanina Tsvetkova (FMI, MADTech) create mobile works during the procession that travel to different parts of the city during the day and are displayed in the glass Tschumi pavilion at night. Anna-Fleuri Wolters (Minerva Academy, design) will conceive and create all the expressions.

The concept of the exhibition is formed by the restrictions of the coronavirus. In case stricter measures have to be observed, one can still come into contact with physical art.


About midseason: The midseason program consists of a work period of 6 weeks with a substantive program and an exhibition period of 2 weeks, in which parts of the beginning artistry are treated. In the substantive program, artists and viewers from the network of the resort are used as coaches to transfer their acquired knowledge and experience to a new generation. The focus in the program is on: art in public space, personal ambitions, positioning as an artist, profiling and presentation. In 8 weeks these themes will be dealt with by coaches who will guide the newly graduated talents of Academy Minerva (FMI + bachelors) to get this clearer and to determine direction in their beginning artistic practice.

The midseason coaches are artists: Alban Karsten, Willem de Haan, Esther de Graaf, Karina Bakx and Ellen de Haan and viewers of Kunsthuis SYB's CIRCLES program: Josje Hattink and Anna-Rosja Haveman.


This project is in collaboration with the Tschumi pavilion and art house SYB and is made possible by the Municipality of Groningen, Artist in Space and  Mondriaan Fund. www.tschumipaviljoen.org, www.kunsthuissyb.nl, www.noordenaars.nl/artistinspace

HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen, Academie Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen, NNT + Club Guy & Roni