het resort brings you in a series of episodes: the ongoing story of art featuring prosperity, misfire, free champagne, refreshing scenery and handsome artists.


het resort organizes residencies for contemporary artists at uncanny locations. These seasonal episodes offer a retreat for daily art practice and provide space and time to enter into collaboration and tricky projects.


Testing favorable and unfavorable conditions het resort sees to figure out in a series of site-specific shows how art can stand its ground in certain contexts.



mail: info@hetresort.nl




You can always send in your portfolio and tell us why you think we match.



If you want to help out, let us know and introduce yourself and what you feel like doing.




⇝ music dome

Sterrebos, Groningen – NL



⇝ swimming pool

Papiermolenlaan 3, 9721 GR, Groningen – NL

⇝ former gasstation

Turfsingel 16, 9712 KP, Groningen – NL

⇝ theatre foyer

Bloemstraat 38, 9712 LE, Groningen – NL

(thanks NNT/Club Guy&Roni)



duo-directrices: Karina Bakx & Ellen de Haan



chairmen: Maria Blom & Alban Karsten

secretaries: Robert Bangma & Jilles Hazenberg

treasurers: Harmen van der Hoek & Joran de Boer



het resort is connected with the Noordenaars

/ Platform for presentation institutions and art initiatives in the North of the Netherlands


supported by

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen - Academie Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen, Beringer Hazewinkel, NNT + Club Guy & Roni


annual report

jaarverslag 2018



supported by:

Mondriaan Fund

Gemeente Groningen

Academie Minerva Kunstraad Groningen

NNT + Club Guy & Roni