from left to right: leandro barbazal, alban karsten, lee mc donald, kimball holth, olga micinska (on screen), elise ehry, jessie tam, michiel teeuw, samantha pellarini, reon córdova, kitty maria

infiltrating public space

06/07 – 13/07 2020

former gay sauna

text only in written language


This week is all about organized infiltration. Het resort invited artists to take back the public domain. While the public space is under pressure from mandatory consumerism and (temporary) restrictive laws, we're aiming to regain space for artistic expression — taking art out of the buildings and onto the communal grounds.



Femmes Fontaines - Elise Ehry and Kitty Maria

The fountain as a wasteful, passive and a decorative force parallels the corporate perception of female labour even today. Elise Ehry (FR) and Kitty Maria (NL)will find the right corporate area in Groningen to temporarily take place as human fountains. They started their project investigating the codec of the air hostess uniforms five years ago through a state of perpetual off-dutiness.

time & place:

FRI 10/07     @ to be announced


A Bakery for Nobody - Jessie Tam and Reon Córdova

A place where those who were left are blended with yeast.

time & place:

SAT 11/07     14:00 – 16:00 @ city centre/Aa Kerk

SUN 12/07   14:00 – 16:00 @ Noorderplantsoen


Canal Infiltration unit one and two - Lee Mc Donald and Kimball Holth

One floates, the other tickles. The work playfully places art on the canal using it to frame and activate the water.

time & place:

FRI 10/07     17:00 @ deck in between het resort and Frank Mohr Institute


Subcounscious Mining - Alban Karsten

In Subconscious Mining Alban Karsten and his subconscious become artistic partners. During this week he will start mining ideas for interventions in public space from his subconscious while being under hypnosis. With the help of a hypnotherapist he will investigate how his subconscious reacts to the continuous flow of information sent to him as a consumer, citizen and maker, and how to respond to it.

time & place:

to be announced


Celebrating the Emancipated Image - Olga Micinska

The intervention takes form of a series of posters spread around the city, which intend to propagate a non-conventional image of a builder. Coming into a playful dialogue with the format of a commercial advertisement and the visual language established by the fashion industry, this guerrilla campaign is also the very first appearance of “The Building Institute” in the public space - an educational organization initiated by Iris Boering and Olga Micińska.

time & place:

SAT 11/07 – MON 13/07      @ city centre


Drilling the Blue - Michiel Teeuw & Samantha Pellarini

WHO gets to feel at home in public space? Who belongs there- do you? A one-week investigation of meta-performance, reading, writing, filming and a lot of thinking.

time & place:

TUE 07/07      13:00 – 14:00 PICINCLAB 1 @ kleine der Aa, next to the waterside urinoir

THU 09/07     13:00 – 14:00 PICINCLAB 2 @ t.b.a.

SAT 11/07       13:00 – 14:00 PICINCLAB 3 @ t.b.a.

SUN 12/07     14:00 – 19:00 CONTROLROOM (Exhibition) @ het resort


Leandro Barzabal

A sound installation made of a resonating bridge will be an occasion to take some time to do some deep listening on the close environment.

time & place:

THU 09/07     14:00 – 15:00 @ cycling bridge to the Sugar Factory




OPEN CALL for Infiltrating Public Space

Deadline: 19/6/2020 .  23:59

Work period: 06/07/2020 ––– 13/07/2020


We invite you to join resorters Kitty Maria (S03E01/2020), Elise Ehry (S02E01/2019) and Alban Karsten (S01E03/2018) in this open call: Infiltrating Public Space

These resorters have build their works at a gas station, swimming pool and the gay sauna and now they will be back to reclaim the public domain of Groningen. Have a plan for a work in public space? Find yourself a partner and send us your idea!


We will select project proposals that can be presented in public space. This can be any place in the city of Groningen that could be considered as public property. For example parks, squares, public buildings, rooftops and transport facilities. During the week (6-13 July), you will present, perform or place your work in public space, and you can work from the sauna building or (if preferred) from your own studio. Het Resort will document the presentations of the projects in text and image and share these online.

In the light of current affairs and big global crises we are experiencing, we feel the urgency to prioritize themes that address:

1. the current human rights and equality debate

2. the corona-crisis theme’s like; health(care)issues, restrictive measures, crowd control and wayfinding innovations and the economic and social consequences of it all. We want to keep the debate going, however we do not want to push towards expressions of protests or highly provocative artworks.

HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen, Academie Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen, NNT + Club Guy & Roni