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Eurosauna is a two-day festival during ES/NS focusing on art and music with friendly music initiatives of het resort.


we invite you to celebrate our sweaty new location with a party behind closed windows.. The artists of S03E01 will show some works so you get to know them before the opening at 7 february.


January 16 (€6)

Tapetown x Escho x Zadelpijn x Luik Music x SHLTR

20:15 collider

21:00 gif

21:45 soon

22:30 traumahelikopter

23:15 flowers

00:00 rýk


January 17

Resort x Oedipus Brewing (free)

17:00 Nic Mauscovic (DJ-set)

18:20 Karel (Live)

18:40 Palmbomen II (DJ-set)

20:00 end


Tapetown x 945 x HPNG (€6)

21:00 ZRN

21:45 breekbaar

22:30 why sun

23:15 wholly michael

00:00 moonking



h̾e̾t̾ r̾e̾s̾o̾r̾t̾ is an independent art space that travels around and organizes residencies at uncanny places in groningen.


t̾a̾p̾e̾t̾o̾w̾n̾ is a recording and mix studio out of denmark dedicated to alternative and rock music genres.


z̾a̾d̾e̾l̾p̾i̾j̾n̾ is the name under which traumahelikopter curates and hosts events, such as their parties at de gym (r.i.p.).


9̾4̾5̾ is known as booker of FridayNITE and de gym (r.i.p.).


r̾e̾s̾o̾r̾t̾ is an amsterdam-based artist management company, founded in 2019 by Kostijn Egberts, Niels Post, and Daan de Boer.

supported by:

Mondriaan Fund

Gemeente Groningen

Academie Minerva Kunstraad Groningen

NNT + Club Guy & Roni